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What We Do 


ExPat Finance specialises in helping expatriates living in Belgium with their financial planning. We are fully independent and will work with you to plan your finances and make the most of the opportunities offered by the expatriate lifestyle.


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Who We Are 


ExPat Finance is run by Craig Welsh.

Having previously worked in the UK as an IFA, he has been helping internationals in Europe with their financial planning since 2006.

He is committed to providing an ongoing service to clients, providing clear and impartial advice, while acting with professionalism and integrity at all times. 

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Expat Finance is proud to be a partner of The Spectrum IFA Group, a fully licensed pan European umbrella group allowing its members to advise expats in many different countries. Spectrum has 45 advisers based across Europe, covering France, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. We provide an ongoing service to our clients regardless of where they end up.

The Spectrum IFA Group ensures that advisers are kept up to date with the varying rules and regulations in Europe and ongoing training requirements for advisers.



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