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Investment Advice and Portfolio Management

With interest rates in the developed world at all-time lows many people simply want a better return on their savings. Inflation can erode the true value of savings over the long-term and most savings rates currently offered by banks will simply not keep pace with the cost of living.

After you have built a suitable “emergency fund” and decided which monies can be set aside for the medium to longer-term, we can help you build a diversified, tax-efficient and actively managed portfolio to suit your timeframe, choice of currency and attitude to risk and return.

Fund Research Team

Our specialist investment research team has devised ‘Model Portfolios' for investors based on their ‘Client Profile'. The team also provides Spectrum advisers with a ‘Recommended Fund List', which is developed using very strict criteria. For example we will only recommend assets which are fully liquid, highly-regulated and well-rated by independent research companies.

This can form the basis of a sound investment portfolio, tailored for each client. An investment portfolio should be very well diversified and we can provide access to every major asset class such as global equities, fixed-interest bonds, commodities, cash and property.

For investors with substantial assets we can help to choose discretionary fund managers.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your own investment requirements or to arrange a review of your own existing investment portfolio.

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