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If you have a UK pension but you have moved overseas, it is important to get advice from a qualified QROPS pension adviser as you and your family could possibly benefit from changing your "frozen" pension to a QROPS, a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme.

In April 2006, QROPS pension legislation allowed UK pensions to be transferred to an overseas pension PROVIDING the new scheme meets certain qualifying rules. These rules were designed to ensure the new pension to which you transfer broadly followed the UK legislation. 

QROPS or Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension schemes offer several benefits as an “expats/international” pension;

  • The ability for you to provide much more for your spouse or dependent in the event of your death.
  • Your pension can grow free of tax on dividends
  • More flexible choices on retirement including the ability to take up to 30% of your pension as a lump sum
  • Greater range of investments and choice of currency
  • With many UK company pension schemes in deficit some expats have used QROPS legislation to transfer out and manage the pension themselves (or through an adviser).

If you have a UK pension it is worth finding out if there are potential benefits to you. 

Qualified, Expert Advice

It is a complex area s what is key is that you get expert advice from a qualified adviser. Spectrum has a specialist QROPS analysis team in place and your pension will be fully and properly reviewed, taking into account your personal circumstances.

It will not always be best to make the change. If we advise that it is best not to transfer your pension, then you will have peace of mind that staying with your existing pension is the correct advice.





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